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Experience is What Brad Hompe Offers to Jail and Prison Administrators

May 23, 2019

One very basic reason Brad Hompe has such a strong reputation in the corrections field is because of the time he has put in.It is simply true that he has an amazing amount of experience working in the area of jail and prison operations. In addition to having led the development and implementation of corrections programs, Brad has provided a wide range of services in prisons and jails throughout Wisconsin and nationwide. By now, Brad Hompe is considered among the highest-echelon experts in the field of prison operations, primarily because he knows how to use the knowledge he has gained from his practical experience running every aspect of jail operations.

Brad Hompe knows how to do everything at every stage, from design and planning to policy development and implementation, and everything related to everyday operations. In part, that is because he’s done it all by now. Among so many other aspects of corrections operations, Brad Hompe is extremely knowledgeable regarding use of force, as well as with the development and implementation of training and evaluation programs and protocols and incident management. That said, his expertise also includes more mundane aspects of corrections system operations, including food service, sanitation and maintenance, classification, supervision and even fire safety.